Landscape & Civil Engineering in Dallas, TX at Sunset

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We don't just provide services,
we provide a partner.

We are dedicated to delivering innovative design and civil engineering solutions with exceptional customer service.

At Johnson Volk Consulting, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse menu of services including landscape architecture, project planning and management, civil engineering, construction inspections and survey services.

Landscape & Civil Engineering in Dallas, TX


Our experience with Johnson Volk Consulting is encapsulated by the word: Professional. Because of the knowledge JVC has on the different municipality needs throughout the metroplex, their willingness to adapt as projects evolve and a product that gets delivered on time, we have confidence in our partnership.

Kyle Dickerson

VP of Land Development,
Lennar Homes

In this business, I can only be as successful as the consultants I engage. One benefit of partnering with the Johnson Volk Consulting firm is it's not so large that a client gets lost in the mix. With service tailored to you, vast experience in the industry, and attention to detail, Johnson Volk Consulting listens to everything I want in a consulting partner and delivers exactly that every time.

Chip Boyd

Chief Operating Officer,
JH Development

Johnson Volk Consulting is relentless in representing their customer's interests. They keep the big picture in focus while never losing sight of the smallest detail.

Bret Pedigo

Terra Manna, LLC